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Knight, owned by Stacy Kirchmann tries his haynet out for the very first time. "We are loving the hay net. Absolutely Awesome! No Waste!"
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Steph VanderWal writes "This is our 3rd year using a hay net on our round bales.  We absolutely love it! Paid for itself in two months.  In this picture we had 6 horses eating off of the bale for 5 days with almost no waste.  Our round bales went from lasting 5-6 days without net to 11-12 day with the net.  We will never feed hay again without the net.  The horses don't mind the net and it keeps them occupied.  They also come out of winter looking a lot better without the big ol hay bellies"                                
Laura Cleaveland, "We put ours on really easily while the bale was still on the forks of the tractor and it went on very smoothly. I bought the cinching version and i am really glad. It makes it so easy... Just drape, pull tight, tuck cord and drop bale! It took the horses a few days to figure it out pretty well. They discovered if they start from the top and work their way down it works a lot better than trying to go at it from the side to begin with. I love it! It eliminates the mess and waste on the ground, it has them grazing instead of gorging, and no more using hay as a comfy "outhouse" area for them :-). I have enclosed a picture of Bree demonstrating her eating skills through the net. Thank you for taking the time to show me in person how both versions worked. It was worth every penny!"
Leisha Kragel, I just want to thank Bronco Billy's for great item I recently purchased!! This is a slow feed hay net that you can place a large round or square hay bale into allowing horses to slow feed and reduce hay waste. The large bale was placed in the yard two weeks ago with 5 horses. There is NO waste and horses have hay available all the time. I do supplement a small amount of hay in feeders morning and night or as needed due to weather conditions but has made chore time sooooooo much easier!! Thanks Bronco Billy"s for a great product!! 
Bill and Kim Mccune, "This is day 10 on a round bale that is in with 9 mini mare." Normally at this time the bale would be gone."
Virgil Summers, a Hay Hut dealer in Desoto Missouri, "I purchased a hay net from your company it has worked great with the Hay Hut as you can see by the photo." "I look forward to working with you in the future." "Thanks again for a great product!" 
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