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Q: How will my horse react to the net?
At, first, your horse may be mad at the net for making him work for his hay, but after a day or two, most horses will stop trying to bite through the net and will settle down to pulling it out with their teeth or their lips.
Q: My horse has shoes, can I use a hay net?
Yes, but you will need to use the net with a traditional hay ring feeder that sits flush with the ground.
Q: Can animals chew through the net?
While this is possible, most animals quickly figure out that the objective is getting hay out of the net so they learn to drop the net while grazing from the hay bale.  If a hole should occur, the nets are very easy to mend.
Q: Do I need to keep tension on the net?
No, as the hay is eaten down, the body of the net becomes looser and looser, the horse handles this very well by nuzzling the net until he finds his bite of hay.
Q: Can my horse get tangled in the net?
Anything that can get caught in the net should be removed from the head.  Please take safety precautions by placing a barrier between shod hooves and the net and removing any head gear with buckles.
Always offer free choice hay along with your net until your animals have learned to successfully graze from it.
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